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Our Business Philosophy

In the beginning . . . This is the foundation of our firm's visionary concept. As with life, all great works have a beginning . . . from a fast void, an artist's blank canvas, a designer's unmarked sketch all begin without form and are masterfully developed by the creator's vision and skill. So is with The Genesis Group. The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers, the beginning, thru development and to the finish of the process.


Our Management


Matt Moran
, President/CEO - With combined experience of over 20 years in Sales and Management in the Retail and Wholesale Apparel industries. Matt brings a great wealth of knowledge and refined management skills to our firm. He is a co-founder of The Genesis Group and highly motivated and active in the firm's sales and marketing.


Lisa Moran, VP Sales with diverse fashion industry experience and a former Miss Virgina World. Lisa is insightful and maintains updated analysis of current fashions trends. She has lead in successful Brand development and sales growth in the Better Womens, Home Decor, and Gift industries.

Our Company


The Genesis Group Unlimited, Inc. was founded in the spring of 1999. Created as a Sales and Marketing firm to provide representation to select product lines. Atlanta based, our firm specializes in regional and national sales and marketing of apparel, and accessories.

The Genesis Group Unlimited, Inc.